Our Meads


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Enjoying mead should be a multi-dimensional experience. The finished product should be well-balanced, well-bodied and complex. When you sip our meads you should find in them the perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, and mouth feel. The alcohol within mead should itself become a complexity, subtle and never too apparent. In taste and in aromatics delicate notes of honey should present themselves. To craft a well-balanced mead is an art, although we only dictate so much of the process. We cannot tell the mead when to be ready. With the proper time in aging, and the choicest ingredients possible, it tells us. You be the judge.

  Mead can be enjoyed in several ways – on the rocks, at room temperature, cold, and even warmed.
Experiment, be creative –  mix it into your favorite cocktails! Check out our recipe suggestions for ideas.